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Jubilee UCC History

It was time to move, while Jubilee UCC had stepped out on faith with a “to-do” list for the building and grounds, Dr. Roberts being very familiar with this to-do list worked with Jubilee, it was time to move. He called all members to re-dedicate their membership, it was time to move.

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Our Story

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In 1909 a few families from Ardmore-Ardwick, a German Evangelical denomination had a vision, it was their time to move, starting with Christian education for their youth in a tent on a lot that was donated to them.  Later a shed was built in 1912 and the cornerstone for the first church was laid.


In 1950 a gift made it possible for the church to build a basement church school and social Hall that was renovated in 1953 with a chapel for worship.


With the projected route of the building of the capital beltway in the mid-50's resulted with the need for relocation.  


In 1956, a seven acre tract of land on Ardmore Road was purchased with plans for a parsonage and church building.  


In 1961 a parsonage was constructed and ready for occupancy in 1961.  In 1962, the building of the capital beltway began and the new church was forced to relocate.  Services were then held at Ardmore Elementary school while the congregation searched for a new location.


In 1964, a parsonage was purchased and construction began in April for this building (9721 Good luck), and the first service was held in December of that year. This was St. Paul UCC.


In 1988, a group later known as Amistad UCC was being birthed in Prince George Co. MD, starting with Bible study in the home of Doris Boyd, a foundering member, that continued for at least six months.


In 1989, Rev. Dr. R. Joaquin Willis, after completing ten years as an associated Minister at People's Congregational UCC, responded to God’s call to found Amistad UCC, It was time to move, that started with worship services in Kettering Middle School.


In the four year period Amistad's membership grew to more than 230 members.  The worship style of music let by Minister of Music and director of music Robert Fryson and Richard Payne played a significant role in the spiritual life of the young church.  


On November 7, 1993, Amistad was officially received in the United Church of Christ, of the 27 Potomac Association churches, five were African American, Amistad became the six and the first non denominational to have been immediately received in over 90 years into the Potomac Association.  


Amistad St. Paul UCC was Organized in 1999 coming together as “One Spirit, One Soul and One Body in Christ”.  


Amistad St. Paul lost many members when they were without a senior pastor after Dr. Willis relocated to Florida as Senior Pastor of Open Door UCC.  After a ten year search and several Interim Pastors, God calls one of Amistad's youths to fill the pulpit, Rev. Marvin M. Silver was chosen as Senior Pastor in July 2009 to lead God's Church into a new chapter of our journey.  


Rev. Silver reform and renewed Amistad St. Paul UCC, November 2009, Amistad St. Paul had a tenth year celebration with the theme “A Resurrection Is Coming!” ( 2 Corinthians 4:14).


Amistad St. Paul was Resurrected as a new church, Jubilee UCC in April 2012, it was time to move.


But God had another purpose and calling for Rev. Silver,  as Associated Conference Minister,

Central Atlantic Conference of the Potomac Association.


Again, we found ourselves without a pastor, but overjoyed with the advancement of Rev. Silver.  Sadly some members left in shame, others remained, being equipped with spiritual leadership, faith in God and the desire to go on, it was time to move, Rev. Silver asked us to continue with God's work here.  


We continued, regular Bible study, community service, choir rehearsals, potluck fellowships, and Sunday Morning worship to name a few, the strong dedicated church council refused and did not give up or give in.


With the help of the pastoral search committee, Jubilee was blessed with a new pastor, a close friend to Rev. Silver, Rev. Dr. Sedric Roberts in 2018 who was no stranger to Jubilee.  


It was time to move, while Jubilee had stepped out on faith with a “to-do” list for the building and grounds, Dr. Roberts being very familiar with this to-do list worked with Jubilee, it was time to move.  He called all members to re-dedicate their membership, it was time to move.


It is an honor to have here in the pulpit today the foundering Pastor of Jubilee UCC, Rev. Marvin M. Silver and our second Pastor, Rev. Dr. Sedric R. Roberts.


It's Time to Move!

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